Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Best. Purchase. Ever.

I'm not a regular Costco customer. I'm single and I don't have a car and it's therefore not the world's most practical place to shop. But I found myself there last night wandering among the 400-packs of paper towels and 20-pound bags of lemon pepper seasoning.

And I discovered perhaps the most delightful concoction known to mankind, which is the enormo-sized freezer bag of ready-made hot and spicy buffalo wings. Shall I say that again? IN CAPS? ENORMO-SIZED FREEZER BAG OF READY-MADE HOT AND SPICY BUFFALO WINGS. I felt exactly like Dooce. They were -- in a word -- fabulous. Addicting. Crack like. Crack-esque? 7 microwaved minutes later and I was smacking away on my couch practically purring with happiness.

This does not bode well for any fitted clothing I have (which ain't much, folks), but it's clear I'll be a happy, greasy girl for a long while.

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