Sunday, February 27, 2005

Beth's next travel escape

A month from now, I will be headed to glorious San Francisco for the annual big cable shin-dig trade show and then for a few days of much-needed vacation and THEN to Los Angeles for a Mayer Family Reunion. Cannot. Wait.

To Do List:

1.) Win lottery.
2.) Obtain entirely new work wardrobe of professional business attire that still conveys I am a hip young creative thang.
3.) Obtain entirely new play wardrobe of hip, trendy attire that still conveys I am an intelligent business professional.
4.) Grow hair down to waist, secure appointment for makeover.
5.) Develop answer for strangers that stop me on the street and mistake me for Portia De Rossi ("No no, we just look alike...")

I think it's all perfectly do-able in a month, no?


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