Thursday, February 03, 2005

My newest girl-crush

Can I just admit for the world to see that I have a giant gooey girl crush** on Julia Child? I FREAKIN LOVE JULIA CHILD. I mean, how could you not? She was six foot-two. She was a spy. (A SPY!) She was passionate about roast chickens and good gin. She embraced butter.

Today I saw her kitchen at the National Museum of American History and as you walk into the exhibit, there's this big TV with her old cooking shows on it and I swear as soon as I heard her voice -- that JULIA CHILD VOICE -- I started to giggle and grin like a five year old. I was just in awe of her. You know those celebrites that you get these tremendously positive vibes from, the ones that you just KNOW that if you, too, were a celebrity you would totally, like, be BFFs with that person? I used to feel that way about David Duchovney and Lyle Lovett. I feel it now with my BFF Julia. We could hang out and know....really tall together while I watched her cook dinner for us.

I sense a biography being purchased pretty darned soon.

** Yes, girls get giant gooey girl crushes on girls so don't even cluck your tongue at me like that. Any girl who's ever seen Portia DeRossi and not gotten a little weak in the knees is just a little unnatural in my opinion.

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