Monday, February 21, 2005

The State of Things

You could be Archduke Sullen Mopeington of the Sulkiness province, in the kingdom of Depression and you would STILL not beat me for being the Mopeiest Mope that ever Moped. It has been a three day weekend of mopeing around alone my apartment and now it's the end of the weekend and that just makes it all somehow MORE mope-worthy. Siiiiigh.

If there was a bus window I could lean against while gazing out at the cityscape passing by me listening to Reba McEntire sing softly overhead until a single tear falls down my cheek, you might get the idea. If there was a bay window in my apartment that I could huddle in and watch the rain trickle down in the middle of the night while Coldplay plays in the background, you might get an idea, but instead the weather outside has been sunny and cloudless and GORGEOUS for three straight days and that somehow makes things worse. Just more to mope about.

I need a booster shot of Vitamin Attitude Adjustment.

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