Friday, February 25, 2005

Oh Bother

In very low spirits tonight. I'm frustrated and angry and sad. I hate feeling like this. My mom is going through a horrible time right now and there is absolutely NOTHING I can do for her other than listen and offer a shoulder to cry on, which seems so totally inadequate that it just breaks my heart. Her brother is dying of cancer. Her sister lost her job. She's at her wit's end and barely able to string sentences together with no support system 0r friends or social outlet to comfort or distract her. And I am here. In Seattle. Thousands of miles away and not able to do ANYTHING at all. I feel so protective of her tonight and want to swoop in somehow and make everything alright, but unless I've got a magical cancer-fighting wand and a re-employment cape, I guess I just have to sit tight.

This sucks ass.

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