Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Birthday Groundhog

I'm feeling extremely cyber geeky tonight because I actually said to someone "Can I get online for a minute? I have to update my blog" so I have about five minutes before we head out the door for dinner to update my reading public, who is NO DOUBT salivating, no wait, foaming at the mouth waiting for updates about my DC vacation. Do you even begin to understand the love and devotion I have for you people?

So. Here I am. A special shout out to all of you who were very sweet and sent me silly emails and phone messages for the big 3-1 today. The world celebrates 31 years of Bethdom and it's very nice to be on the receving end.

Loving the vacation so far -- slept in until an insane hour which was much needed. How great are hotel curtains? They're pretty freakin' great in that "able to block out the sun and surround the entire room in womb-like darkness 24-7" kind of way. . We're headed out for Thai tonight and then to this seemingly adorable place called CakeLove, which looks like a pretty sinful way to enjoy some b-day cake. Just hand over the buttercream frosting and I'll be all shades of happy.

More later...gotta run.....

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